Casual Strangers – Turing Test – Video

The US synth-rock creators Casual Strangers were first introduced in 2014.

Casual Strangers - Casual Strangers Photo collage by Todd V Wolfson

Casual Strangers Photo collage by Todd V Wolfson

Always coming up with imaginative ideas, their latest track – a conceptual piece –  Turing Test is another piece of music which has a recognisable format, hints of psychedelic space visualisation and although readily comprehensible, a sense of the experimental – in this instance Casual Strangers formulate the music purely by the luxurious sounds of a Moog.

The accompanying video, which is far more than incidental to the music, depicts the concept that it was a in fact cyborg that created the universe, which of itself formulates a whole new set of ideas about the reality, or lack thereof, of humanity.

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