Blood Sound

Blood Sound is a Philadelphia – USA based alt-synth band comprising Chris Jordan, Tristan McKeever and Vincent Tkac.

Blood Sound - alt-synth from the USA

Blood Sound

Emerging from the embers of prior iterations, Blood Sound have recently set out on a new direction of musical exploration with a rich synth laying out a deep-pile wool carpet into which to sink the toes as the slightly echoed sounds reflect across the walls.

Reminiscent of soothed version of Virgin Prunes with the gothic temperament that runs through the two tracks that have so far appeared, albeit a more subdued vocal, along with advances in technology gives Blood Sound a richer depth in which to lay-back and revel.

Whilst the material is new along with the contexts of the songs, the trio have used their experience to full value and I hope they can find some stability, though given that one member is still with another band, that is by no means certain – time will tell.

Blood Sound have much to offer the world of music, given the two tracks I have had the opportunity to hear and whatever occurs, they have made a difference in the life of at least one person – namely me – and I hope you enjoy them too.

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