Tristâme – Silent Treatment – Audio

The US alt-folk creator Tristâme was introduced last year.

Tristâme - Silent Treatment


In the latest track to surface Silent Treatment the marking influence is of the middle-east, through which South-American folk threads, giving the track a distinctive soundtrack in which the listener is invited to drift in quiet repose through its approaching four and a quarter minutes duration.

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Tristâme – Grey Together – Single Review

Tristâme is a solo alt-folk project based in the USA.



With a singular and distinctive resonating vocal, subtle bowed instrumentation and easy flowing guitar Tristâme delivers music that has an prepossessing melancholia which captures the listeners attention.

Drawing on influences from Simon & Garfunkel, which Rami invests with his own experiences of growing up in Syria and journey across South America tipped with urban US processing of his life now based in New York in a track that contemplates of the sadness of love lost – Grey Together, which was released on the 2nd and will be on an LP due for reveal in 2017, is a track that burrows its way in to the marrow-bones and intoxicates for far longer than its just under three and a third minutes duration.


Grey Together – Single – Tristâme is available on iTunes.*

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