Circle – Our Imaginary Past – Audio

The Australian trippy-rock band Circle will be releasing the LP Another 69 Love Songs later this year.

Circle - Our Imaginary Past


The first song to be revealed from the forthcoming album – Our Imaginary Past – has the calm intonation of their signature sound, which in this instance has a vaguely yé-yé lilt to the composition while a spread of instrumentation is invited to the sit at the dining table – resulting in song that holds some intrigue as to what is on menu in the full LP.

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Old Smile – Too Late – Audio

The US trippy-rock project Old Smile released the three track single Falling Feeling yesterday.

Old Smile - Too Late

Old Smile

There is something of – the far distance – in the tracks on Falling Feeling (available on bandcamp) which appears to be standing far apart from the present consciousness of the listener, almost as-though an hallucinogenic in its own right rather than merely a descriptive.

The opener is – Too Late.

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The Entire Universe – Everyone Knows (The Kool Kidz Club Just Ain’t Cool No More) – Audio

The US trippy-rock band The Entire Universe released the single Everyone Knows (The Kool Kidz Club Just Ain’t Cool No More) on the 25th.

The Entire Universe

The Entire Universe

The psychedelic wash of the single (available on bandcamp) leaves the mind in pleasured befuddlement from which there is no great desire to quickly recover, rather allow the hallucinogenic moment to linger far longer than the heading towards four minutes of its run time.

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The Soft Underground – Rachel – Audio

The US trippy-rock duo The Soft Underground release the LP Morning World on the 27th of July.

The Soft Underground

The Soft Underground

A follow-up to the 2015 album Lost In Translation (available on bandcamp) Morning World, on the basis of the first of the eleven tracks on the album – Rachel – is set to be an equally Psilocybin moment in time and probably best heard with a pot of tea to hand whilst gazing at the purple dragons floating on the ceiling.

That rumble on hitting play – for those of become of more nervous disposition whilst staring glassy eyed – isn’t as I thought moles digging up the foundations and felt the need to investigate rather the delightful demeanour of Rachel bubbling out of the speakers.


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Band of the Month – May 2018 – Readers’ Choice

With some fortune over here in the UK summer will perhaps finally make its entrance as May closes  – despite my enjoyment for the gloomier sounds musically I do quite like warm summer days – the Readers’ Choice for Band of the month, conversely, being from Tasmania is heading towards winter and an excellent idea that they have decided to release a new LP to warm up the chill of the months ahead…

The Silverbeets - Stay Tuned - CD

The Silverbeets – Stay Tuned – CD

The Silverbeets is a trippy-rock outfit and this is And I/You Thought from the album Stay Tuned which will be available from their bandcamp store from the 11th of June.

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