The Noise Figures – Lethargy – Audio

The Greek trippy-rock duo The Noise Figures will be releasing the LP Telepath on the 2nd of March.

The Noise Figures - photo credit - Sophie Hébert Live Photography

The Noise Figures – photo credit – Sophie Hébert Live Photography

The first song to surface from the album (which is available on bandcamp) and the antepenultimate of the ten, Lethargy, is of more psychedelic kaleidoscope than much of their music featured over the past five years, drifting through the room in slowly revolving fuzziness.

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Daddy Lion – Werewolf – Audio

The US trippy-rock quartet Daddy Lion released the LP Learn To Have Nothing And You Will Have Everything on the 26th.

Daddy Lion - learn to have nothing and you will have everything - CD and booklet

Daddy Lion – learn to have nothing and you will have everything – CD and booklet

Slightly later than was signposted in their initial introduction last year, the nine track album (available on bandcamp), peers in the room and quietly progresses around the perimeter prior to filling the empty spaces with a billowing haze from which the listener, unawares, breathes in the herbal soundscape and discovers that slightly sweet smell for the past, roughly twenty nine minutes, was in fact quite a strong heady smoke and remaining in floating good humoured mood long after its conclusion, while searching for the telephone number of the nearest pizzeria.

The middle song is Werewolf.

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Old Smile – Changing Moods – Audio

Old Smile is the trippy-rock project of Tom Herman from the USA.

Old Smile

Old Smile

I always find myself tempted to sit down to a pot of mushroom tea after listening to the music of Old Smile, by which time it is too late, hence I pass on my experience – brew the pot before hitting play and allow the synapses to snap abstract connections through the brain.

The most recent reveal to surface being the two track single Two For Winter (which is available on bandcamp). My selection being the instrumental B side Changing Moods.

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Loveless Death Scene – Sadness Broadcast – Audio

Loveless Death Scene is the US trippy-rock project of Carlos J. Ruiz III.

Loveless Death Machine

Loveless Death Machine

The music floats through the room, as though carried on hypotrochoid and epitrochoid curves, creating ever more intricate multi-textured patterns the longer the notes linger in the air.

The début LP Hopeless Dream Machine is available on bandcamp and my pick of the six tracks on the album is the fourth – Sadness Broadcast.

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Mothra Stewart – God Is A Surfer / Cosmic Coincidence – Single Review

The US trippy-rock project Mothra Stewart released the AA side single God Is A Surfer / Cosmic Coincidence towards the end of last month.

Mothra Stewart

Mothra Stewart

There is an intoxicating beauty to be gleaned from the release with its warm analogue sound through which a mesmerising vocal blends with guitar in a release which is best engaged with plenty of time to spare, not for the duration of the tracks, rather their after-effects.

God Is A Surfer is an acoustic led, almost folksy composition, which is layered in platelets of voice, which the audience can sense calmly feeding into the brain, minding of the corpuscles flowing through bloodstream.

My pick of the release is Cosmic Coincidence, which is even more resonate of Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Those of longer stay may recall Chill Russell reviewed last year, the commonality is Marc LeFebvre, who has now moved from Austin to New York, though word arrives he will be joining them on stage during their appearance at The Delancy on the 7th – for those within reach of New York and there is an LP in train of thought.

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God Is a Surfer/ Cosmic Coincidence – Single – Mothra Stewart is available on iTunes.*

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