Greenbeard – WCCQ – Audio

The trio of Chance Allan (Guitar / Vocals), Jeff Klein (Bass) and Buddy Hachar (Drums), from Austin (USA), who form the trippy-rock band Greenbeard released the three track single Onward, Pillager on the 22nd.


Each of the tracks on Onward, Pillager (available on bandcamp) brings a different brush stroke to the tripped-out release, with with stoner, progressive-psych and heavy-metal peering through the speakers from behind a thick fug of sweet scented smoke.

The middle track is WCCQ


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Seatbelts – Content Crush – Audio

The quartet of James Madden, Ryan Murphy, Abigail Woods and Alex Quinn who form the Liverpool (England) trippy rock band are working towards the release of the EP Please Slow Down.

Seatbelts - photo by Corey Rid

Seatbelts – photo by Corey Rid

The first track to come from the EP – Content Crush – is of slightly different air to previous material of theirs with a more dreamy and glazed eyes soundbase, having a tincture of British invasion in the swaying melodies while still retaining the hints of Talking Heads having had a night of heady spliffs.

The mellowed stretched bars, rich with bass clarinet, keys, and guitar,  seep through the room in layers of almost tangible smokey layers in to which the listener finds their synapses pulse in syncopated rhythm with a warm feel-good rush filling body and mind as the crunch of daily life recedes in to the distance.

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White Lemon Delirium – Geddewei – Audio

The trippy-rock quartet of Mirza Lazuardi (Guitar), Farhan Fazrian (Guitar), Prayoga Adhitama (Bass) and Barsya Prastoro (Drums) from Bandung (Indonesia) known as White Lemon Delirium released the LP Mind’s Eye on the 10th.

White Lemon Delirium

White Lemon Delirium

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which fuses progressive rock, psychedelia and space-rock in to manageable slices and rather than disappearing in to vortex of spiralling hallucinogenics the quartet create music that has a steadying keel in which the listener can find a buoyancy of ready comprehensibility.

By allowing the compositions to have a fairly approachable demeanour they also afford the songs something of an extemporised feel by which the audience finds their mind becoming ever more transfixed.

The antepenultimate track is Geddewei.

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Psychic Love – Go Away Green – Single Review

On the 5th the Los Angeles (USA) trippy-rock project Psychic Love centred around Laura Peters (Vocals / Various instruments / Keys / Electronica) released the single Go Away Green.

Psychic Love - photo by @oh_jay

Psychic Love – photo by @oh_jay

Perhaps perspicaciously, in light of the long lasting effects of the psychedelic wash of the previous article Psychic Love does too deliver tripped out compositions.

Go Away Green unifies, grungy footstep, chanson and dreamwave to create a song that has an almost tangible creamy richness to it which finds the listener futilely reaching out to embrace as it flows through the room.

The unhurried phrases of the composition affords the music the mystical, alluring beauty which holds the audience entranced through the four and a half minutes duration.

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Red Telephone – Victoria Park – Single Review

Red Telephone, a Welsh trippy-rock band, release the single Victoria Park on the 19th.

Red Telephone - photo by by Rhianedd Sion

Red Telephone – photo by by Rhianedd Sion

With only two songs around that I have been able to hear – both attest to a band unafraid to take the path less travelled to deliver their thoughts on the world around.

Vaguely retrospective musically, Victoria Park, is less crammed than their first track, Kookly Rose (available on bandcamp) with Red Telephone quickly identifying that taking ideas out of compositions can conversely leave them feeling more expansive, which in this case allows the track to be both a reminiscence of childhood, while simultaneously contemplative of the here and now.

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