Imp Of Perverse – Chrysalis – Audio

Sean Lochridge from Austin (USA) performing as the trippy-gaze project Imp Of Perverse, who was introduced earlier in the year, releases the LP Imp In Reverse tomorrow.

Imp of Perverse
Imp of Perverse

A twenty two track album (available on bandcamp) that is best heard in full to allow the mind to float in to the rabbit warren of the slowly rotating, hazy, compositions which transposes the listener in to mesmeric tripped out lofi world of hazy multicoloured psychotropics.

Chrysalis is the tenth track.

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Imp of Perverse – Heavier Than Clouds – Single Review

The US trippy-gaze project Imp of Perverse released the single Heavier Than Clouds on the 22nd.

Imp of Perverse

Imp of Perverse

A draught of lo-fi psychedelia washes in to the ears as Heavier Than Clouds, available on bandcamp, drizzles mushroom tea over a vanilla sponge leaving the sweet scent to waft through the room.

The quirky vocal smoothly blends in to the echoed guitar and the resulting split harmonies  soothe the audience, inviting them to settle back in to the soft clouds of the one hundred and fifty three seconds of Heavier Than Clouds – the only regret being that just as the brain starts to contemplate the hues of colours on the ceiling – the song concludes.

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