The Chocolate Watchband – This Is My Voice – Audio

On the 22nd of February 2019 the trippy-garage quintet of 
David Aguilar (Lead Vocals / Harmonica / Keyboards / Percussion), 
Gary Andrijasevich (Drums / Vocals), Tim Abbott (Lead Guitar / Electric Sitar / Harmonica /keyboards / Vocals), Derek See (Rhythm Guitar / Twelve String Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals) and Alec Palao (Bass / Vocals) from San Jose (USA) who form The Chocolate Watchband will release the LP This Is My Voice.

The Chocolate Watchband

The Chocolate Watchband

The eclectic range of instrumentation and variety of voices to hand enable the quintet to deliver music of both varied weave and texturing, though they never dig in to the toolbox in an attempt to add frippery, rather keep the music well rooted in raw garage freshness.

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) invites the listener to slough off the trials and tribulations of the day and join them robed in a tie-dyed kaftan.

The third and title track on the LP is the tripped out and sitar laden This Is My Voice.


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Space Carbonara – Sticky Baby – Audio

The Australian trippy-garage quintet Space Carbonara are planning to release the LP Dolphin Man Returns in September.

Space Carbonara - photo credit Alex Dowd

Space Carbonara – photo credit Alex Dowd

The follow-up release to the 2016 LP The Space Tape (available on bandcamp) has, on the basis of the first track to surface from the album – Sticky Baby – a more relaxed and natural feeling. Perhaps borne from the initial reveal having an urgency of ideas to make a stamp, or that they have got to know each other better, as although still very much centred around David Cunningham, what was a live performance line-up has become an organic being with everyone chipping through ideas and shaping songs, it may even be something else, however, whatever it may be – it is, to me, a change for the better.

Two days of live track studio recordings certainly help to give the music an honesty which is palpable through the speakers and going by Sticky Baby, Dolphin Man Returns, will be an LP to add to the collection of ‘time to unwind and relax the mind’ playlist.

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The Botherers – Bad Cops II – Audio

The Finnish trippy-garage trio The Botherers are planning to release the LP Urban Schizophrenia later in the year.

The Botherers

The Botherers

Released on the 23rd was the AA side single Side In: Message / Side Out: Bad Cops II (available on bandcamp) containing two songs from the album and signposts of an album which will be full of twists and turns that will warm up the latter part of the year.

By way of an introduction – Bad Cops II.

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