Helena Deland – Claudion – Audio

The Canadian triphop project Helena Deland will be releasing the EP From the Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. III & IV on the 19th of October.

Helena Deland

Helena Deland

The first track to surface from the five track release (which is available on bandcamp) is the penultimate Claudion.

With a softer brush than the preceding EP From the Series of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. I & II, Claudion, foretells of an EP laced in gossamer drifting on a breeze, taking the listener from the busy main-floor to ambient backwaters in which to free the mind.


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Sophomore – Ghost Rider – Single Review

The Swedish triphop project Sophomore released the  track Ghost Rider yesterday.

Sophomore - triphop


The mesmeric music metamorphoses the mind in its meandering, mellow, mystical, modulating moderation.

An approaching five minutes track of beguiling downtempo ambient electronica from which the listener has no desire to escape its tranquillising hypnosis – marks another welcome return to Sophomore, an infrequently featured musical project on the site.

As regular readers know, I always use an audio embed where possible, as the quality of sound is far better, though on this occasion I offer both the audio and the video, with the video, that includes police radio communication being a self-explanation of the track title – no one dies, no shots are fired, there are no injuries in fact nothing unexpected happens at all – until the very end, where how the video ties completely with the song title is revealed.

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Akerele – Déjà Vu – Audio

The US triphop project Akerele released the single Déjà Vu on the 22nd.



Akerele creates material which slips through the room akin to a hunting wild cat dappled to camouflage in the shadows of foliage with the ambient flows of the frequencies holding the listener in its fixed stare.

 Déjà Vu (available on bandcamp) is the most accomplished of the back catalogue of material with its more self-challenging signatures and it will be interesting to discover where Akerele heads next.

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The New Madrid Fault Line – Florida – Audio

It is over half a decade since the US triphop trio The New Madrid Fault Line last featured.

The New Madrid Fault Line

The New Madrid Fault Line

Their latest track, which surfaced within the past twenty hours – Florida – finds the trio in an ambient chillwave of downtemp electronica that eases its way in to the room, barely stirring the pressure bars, yet fixating the listener in a state of hypnosis, whilst simultaneously eloquently powerful in its messaging.

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BUHU – All Eye – Audio

The US triphop duo BUHU will be releasing the LP Tenets on the 5th of September.

BUHU - photo credit - Max Beiler

BUHU – photo credit – Max Beiler

In advance of the album a series of tracks from the album will be revealed, the most recent of which All Eye, came out on the 16th as a stand alone single.

The slowly evolving song uncurls in to the room in wistful recollection of missed relationships whilst the ambient flow of electronica and self-analytical vocal embrace the listener in a forlorn, yet, tender embrace.

All Eye – Single – BUHU is available on iTunes.*

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