BUHU – Yew – Audio

On the 5th the US triphop duo BUHU released the LP Tenets.

BUHU - Yew


A roughly thirty four minutes, eight track, album (available on bandcamp) which through a process of osmosis permeates the mind with its dreamy luxuriating texturing as electronica and vocal merge one in to the other. A while in gestation, having first been introduced with the fourth track on the album, La Truth in May of last year, the delay has only heightened anticipation and by some measure BUHU have been able to more than meet those expectations.

Yew is the opening composition.

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flowstate – Breathe – Single Review

The US triphop duo flowstate revealed the track Breathe yesterday.

flowstate - photo by Jungle Bear

flowstate – photo by Jungle Bear

The slowly uncurling electronica and synthesised guitar drifts through the room like blue smoke caught in sunlight holding the listener in its complexities of shape and sedative intangibility. The slow pulse of the music is married with a mellow vocal that, akin to a chamois leather, forms a soft coating to the song further enhancing the hypnotic ambience of Breathe with the listener becoming conscious only of the quiet flow of the three and five sixth minutes composition.

flowstate create material in to which the audience could immerse their mind for lengthy periods, hence a full LP would be a welcome addition to the handful of individual tracks that currently exist.

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Andrew Riley – R.P.G. – Audio

The US triphop creator Andrew Riley released the LP Adrift on the 18th.

Andrew Riley - Adrift - artwork

Andrew Riley – Adrift – artwork

A collaborative album (available on bandcamp) with each of the tracks featuring one of the Japanese vocalists まりか (Marika),  ケイコ ヨシムラ (Keiko Yoshimura) or the US singer Ami, barring the sixth and penultimate tracks.

The immersive, approximately forty two minutes, ten songs on the LP finds the mind completely absorbed in the downtempo ambient warmth of the intangible beauty of the combinations of molten electronica, strings, keys and haunting voices – with time passing unnoticed.

My selection from the album being the fourth – R.P.G. which features ケイコ ヨシムラ.

Andrew Rileysocial media page


Amisocial media page

ケイコ ヨシムラwebsite

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Vast & Harker – Rising Tide – Single Review

Vast & Harker are an English collaborative triphop duo.

Vast & Harker

Vast & Harker

Occasionally working together, the newest single Rising Tide which was released on the 3rd and is available on bandcamp is an almost six and three quarters minutes of expansive electronica, stems, synth and instrumentation that holds the listener steadfast in its multi-textured ambience.

Combining the words of Break, Break, Break by Alfred, Lord Tennyson – it appears I have unwittingly become a literary reviewer in the past few hours with J.D. Salinger pulling out his pen in the previous article – with the eerie vocal and haunting melodies the listener finds themselves sailing, sans trepidation, out to an uncertain future on a deepening swell.

social media page – Harker.

social media page – Vast.

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BAD MATH – Funkadelic – Audio

BAD MATH is an Australian triphop producer.

BAD MATH - photo by @shotbyshon

BAD MATH – photo by @shotbyshon

A shift in dynamics from being a rap artist to one of generating soundscapes to express ideas, has seen BAD MATH take more experimental concepts to task along with melding different styles of music – which is evidenced in the latest track to surface, a triptronic take on soul-groove, which by song title encapsulates the roughly two and three quarters of music contained in the wrapper.

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