Tree & Ray – Beyond Body – Single Review

The Australian indie-synth quartet Tree & Ray released the single Beyond Body a few hours ago.

Tree & Ray - Beyond Body

Tree & Ray

Like bright sunlight warming up the morning Beyond Body bounces into the room with a sense of joy. The track has an echoing shoegazy psychedelic tinge which is wrapped around bubbles of frothy energy – giving the just under four minute composition a depth of texture to accompany the fizzy beat, enabling it to retain attention throughout its journey.

Ever of sunny disposition Tree & Ray create music that always makes the world seem a better place, ergo, always a pleasure to return to hear.

Beyond Body – Single – Tree & Ray is available on iTunes.*

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Tree & Ray – Nebo, 2015 – Single Review

Tree & Ray is an alt-synth quartet from Australia.

Tree & Ray

Tree & Ray

Their latest single Nebo, 2015 was released on the 20th. Be prepared to smile with wide grin as Tree & Ray deliver a track that contains a sparkly key, that has you reaching for a summer cocktail to get into the lightness of delivery, accompanied by a hefty dash of Tabasco.

The quartet do not try to confuse Nebo, 2015 (which is available on bandcamp) with complexity and the synthetic loops, rather than being an irritation, are set to centre stage as commentary. Aiming simply to nudge awake the consciousness in a discourse on the brevity of life and as such serves their purpose idiomatically.

A mere sixty four word phraseology is contained in the, running to four minute, track which revels in its repetitions. This continuum doesn’t find the listener jaded, rather enervated, as they extrapolate, as a sage, the conundrums of being alive. Subdued guitar and bass are given sufficient run out to capture attention as Tree & Ray skilfully negotiate from the anodyne to the perspicacious, with percussion hefting into earshot to give a hurry up and reminder that three score and ten is not all that long an existence.

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