Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan – Chuppa Churpp – Audio

The Australian trap duo Malk are working towards the release of an LP later in the year.

Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan - Chuppa Churpp - artwork

Malk Ft. Flimsey Lohan – Chuppa Churpp – artwork

The latest track to surface Chuppa Churpp (available on bandcamp) is in collaboration with fellow Australian quartet Flimsey Lohan to deliver a jazz seared scathing commentary of societal inequality.

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Gehenna – Ganesha – Audio

The Slovenian trap project Gehenna teamed up with the US triphop creator Yepi to reveal Ganesha.



Ganesha has a a slowcore heart from which spirals of energy suddenly sheer through the room affording the track a knotted wreath of sound that minds of a tree growing through unloosened binds as the track bulges and contracts seemingly rebounding off itself in shrieking recoil.

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