Rospy – Quantum Vacuum Generator – Audio

Rospy is the trance project of Spyros Yioufkas from Greece.



The newest release to surface is the one track plus one remix single Quantum Vacuum Generator which was released on the 16th. The original version is just over nine and a quarter minutes of industrial acid trance deeply influenced by the current Belgian New Beat Scene, making this one of those very occasional reviews of music at the cutting edge of the latest fashion.

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Stellarion – Miss Eden – Single Review

Stellarion is a French Trance couple of siblings.



Apologies to one and all, this has been sitting around in my email in-box for a little while now.

Their latest release Miss Eden is a three and five sixths of a minutes long track of hypno-trance that revolves through the cortex in a transfixing melting loop which finds its way in to the nervous system and finds the listener moving shoulders and upper torso with the dreamscape and most certainly a track that could stand an extended 12″ version.

With a couple of top-notch tracks behind them Stellarion is a name I would anticipate you will be hearing much more of over the summer not only via the hippest venues and radio stations but also the wider spaces too.

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Epsilona – Trance – Audio

The US alt-indie quartet released the LP – Thinkers at the end of last month.

Epsilona - photo credit @goodthompson

Epsilona – photo credit @goodthompson

With an eclectic mix of styles, from indie rock, through funky soul, to psychedelia there is a recognisable thread to the output of Epsilona who feature spiralling guitars and smooth-groove finishing touches.

The penultimate of the six tracks on Thinker is Trance which is a melodic approach to psychedelia that theoretically should be at odds with itself, but Epsilona are able to pull off the feat to deliver a number that melts easily into the ears. High pitching guitars are swirled around the room in echoing tableaux vivants with calmly generated changes of pace whilst percussion and bass keep to the background and the scarcely opined vocal too remains subdued.

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Thinkers – EP – Epsilona is available on iTunes.*

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Peaks a techno duo from Dublin in Ireland is Rory Caraher and James Hyland.

Peaks - Techno from Eire


There is something of an experimental air to Peaks as they play around with textures, tempos and extremes. As to be anticipated tracks can ever be extended and the pair do a fine job in distinguishing the lines of between enough and too much. Though, an extra few minutes to pieces would be perfectly plausible with their material that is best suited in the trance arena.

Each iteration of new material finds Peaks in a new mood, which gives the music an added appeal, as they are not seeking to recompose previous works as many do in this genre and it perhaps this adaptability of style and moment that affords the duo the room to step away from the anticipated. Whilst most of what is reviewed involves at least one string based instrument along the way, it is always a delight to be able to suggest something that lives inside loops and electronics as creative thought and value to the world of music, which Peaks achieve with ease.

A new double A side single – IJWU / Barrels is just a couple of days behind schedule as I write on the 9th, so it may well be live by today – which again changes the shape of Peaks.

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