Black Surf

Black Surf from Leeds in England is the alt-rock quartet of Ali Epstone (Vocals / Guitar), Phil Jones (Guitar), Tom Ramsden (Bass) and Mark Forster (Drums).

Black Surf - alt-rock from England

Black Surf

Growling bass precedes the undercurrent of sound that is Black Surf. A flourishing percussion dances around the room, whilst to two guitars develop and explore the themes, as the vocal lilts across the landscape and the various parts commingle to deliver an evocative out-put which fulminates of pent-up frustrations.

Black Surf is able to merge gravely scuffles with the layering of the guitars which are free to develop the textures, giving the music a defiant and well structured poise that plays well with the audience. Referencing of 80’s and ’90s indie-rock the quartet injects their own experiences to deliver music which has a multitude of points of interest.

Theoretically a band that could have formed a decade ago, the players decided instead to pursue their own musical projects, before coming together this year. They have been able to utilise personal bonds over the years along with their playing experiences to allow Black Surf to develop a confidence in each other and ease of inter-play, which gives the resulting music a natural connectivity with the listener.

Their début EP, an eponymous four-track, which is available through bandcamp came out on the 3rd.

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