B.W. Johnson – My Love, Pt. 1 – Audio

The English dour-folk project B.W. Johnson was introduced last year.

B.W. Johnson - My Love, Pt. 1

B.W. Johnson

Most recently to surface was the five track, approximately twenty six minutes, EP Together.

The opening song on the release (which is available on bandcamp), My Love, Pt. 1, which lasts a sliver under seven and one sixth minutes sets the scene for the ensuing material as the discordant vocal weeps in and out of tune and tempo with the acoustic guitar.

Rather than sounding like a critical error, this ischemic contusion, gives the track an earthy honesty which draws the listener closer to both the speakers and, their handkerchief to daub the eyes with the lamentation of the composition.

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The Night Café – Together – Audio

The English indie-gaze quartet The Night Café are set to release a two track single on the 11th of April.

The Night Café

The Night Café

The first track to surface – Together – has a warmth which, in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, has the listener sensing the summer sunshine isn’t too far away. Whilst delivering the Together behind a haze, there is an infectious joyfulness which is brought to life by the through rolling percussion and guitars given space to run with shimmering refrains.

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Daniel Wanrooy – Together – Audio

Daniel Wanrooy the progressive dance producer from The Netherlands released a new single on the 2nd….

Daniel Wanrooy

Daniel Wanrooy


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Together – Single – Daniel Wanrooy is available on iTunes.*

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