Old Swing – Time – Single Review

Old Swing is an English ragtime-indie troupe.

Old Swing

Old Swing

Washed in luscious reverb and soaked pedal swimming in a shoal encased by synthetic keys, their latest single Time, which was released earlier in the month belies the hive of frenetic under-current jazz-fused activity which underpins the song as the vocal glides through the room merely generating ripples of disturbance and leaving the listener unwittingly shaking their shoulders through the shifting phraseology of the composition.

Old Swing in Time evidence of a group of musicians who know when enough is enough on the mixing desk and although laden with depths of effects the resulting output is of a calming serenity in which the audience can either explore the rapidly oscillating pectoral fins or flow in gentle swoops with the graceful anguilliform locomotion.

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Time – Old Swing is available on iTunes.*

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Sheehan Duhv – Time – Single review

The English nu-folk creator Sheehan Duhv revealed the début single – Time – on the 21st.

Sheehan Duv

Sheehan Duv

Having taken time to put in an apprenticeship working with others material Sheehan Duhv felt it was time to explore as the originating musician resulting in Time.

A looped drum gives the song a circular motion, which is picked up and expanded by a felted keyboard whilst an angular guitar skips through the ears, akin to spider hurriedly repairing its web in mid-afternoon before the heat goes out of the sun, to be joined in by a layered vocal – resulting in a composition which has a lo-fidelity honesty which is weaved in to a multi-textured carpet within which the listener takes immense pleasure in sinking their toes.

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Broen – Time – Video

The Norwegian electro-soul quintet Broen released their début LP I ♥ Art on the 20th.

Broen - photo credit - Thor Egil Leirtrø

Broen – photo credit – Thor Egil Leirtrø

An eight track album which is a blend of indie-dance melted inside dreamy electronica rounded by an ethereal vocal, which affords their music an engaging flowing soundtrack.

The second of the eight tracks on the album (which is available via Bella Union) is – Time.

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Smashing Birds – Time – Audio

Smashing Birds is an indie-synth band from Belgium.

Smashing Birds

Smashing Birds

Whilst being light on texture the synths allow Smashing Birds to add layering to their output making the material ideally suited to a quiet evening gathering with friends to which the compositions add a pleasing ambience.

Not seeking to challenge the tensor tympani Smashing Birds are an outfit, nonetheless, to get to know as they are articulate and skilled musicians adept at what they do adding much to the world of music and I wish them every success.

By way of an introduction the track Time from the EP No More Revolutions, which is available on bandcamp.


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Unohu – Babel – EP Review

The Indian rock trio Unohu released the EP Babel a few hours ago.

Unohu - Babel


Opening the four track EP is Call My Name, which discovers Unohu in dirty leather jackets as the guitar slingshots around the room in a tad just over three and and a third minutes of growling rock’n’roll. The value added track on Babel.

Next comes Waiting For Caesar a number that replaces the leather jackets with recently pressed shirts as Unohu combine heavy-metal with indie, resulting in a track, which far from threading confusion resonates of a trio have far more to offer than straightforward constructs.

The third track – Incognito reaches one again for the anchor as the scuzzy guitar weighs down the composition that gives bass and drum-kit foreground in a drizzling blues driven thread of ideas.

The conclusion of Babel rests with Time, which is also the longest track – running at one second under four minutes in which Unohu disport both their reference points of ’90s britpop and ’70s heavy-metal to deliver a song in which each element of the band is given moment to shine. My pick of the release.

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