The Slow Readers Club – Through The Shadows – Video

The English indie-rock band The Slow Readers Club release the LP Build A Tower on the 4th of May.

The Slow Readers Club - Through The Shadows

The Slow Readers Club

Those who are on top of the music scene in the UK may ponder ’emerging indie band’? Really, what about…? …Those of longer stay will also be aware that bands first featured when ’emerging’ are occasionally followed with features here and there to update on activity and The Slow Readers Club are one of those moments – a band who were first introduced in 2013.

Sadly they have an irritating habit of removing music within a short while of it being revealed, so have little faith this will still be around to hear within a couple of months, do catch it whilst you can, from the forthcoming album Through The Shadows – the sixth of the ten tracks – was caught in live performance.

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