Holy Sheboygan! – Belly Of The Beast – Video

Holy Sheboygan! is an alt-folk septet from the USA.

Holy Sheboygan!

Holy Sheboygan!

With a plethora of instruments to unwrap, taking a listen to Holy Sheboygan! finds the listener with the excitement of a child wandering into a pick’n’mix sweet shop as each visit finds something new to listen to in wide-eyed pleasure.

Rather than using the diversity of instrumentation, such as banjo, saw, saxophone, recorder, trumpet, kettle and so much more to create volume – they select from the drawer as appropriate. Unlike the superfluous exclamation mark in their name and the intensely annoying capitalisation and exclamation mark in the LP THREE!, the opening track of the seven –  Belly Of The Beast has a calmness about it that wraps the listener in a welcoming embrace of blues, bossa nova and soul.

It is merely a sadness that by the time you get to the song you are in such a state of irritation about the frustrations of the syntax that it takes most of the track to get into what is a genuinely delightful vibe.

Holy Sheboygan! is best taken in large quaffs of listening to allow the blood pressure to settle and enjoy the music for what it is.

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Chvad SB – Three – Audio

The US based experimental-drone creator Chvad SB released a new EP on the 16th – Outside The Shadow Of An Aliquot Tree.

Chvad SB - Outside The Shadow Of An Aliquot Tree - artwork

Chvad SB – Outside The Shadow Of An Aliquot Tree – artwork

Silber Media, whose artists regularly feature run an occasional series called five by five. Which challenges creators to produce five songs lasting a total of five minutes.

As those will are familiar with Chvad SB from fairly frequent appearances, tracks often extend to over a quarter of an hour. In a different concept entirely – in one minute – Three, which is the fourth of the five tracks on Outside The Shadow Of An Aliquot Tree, is available on bandcamp.

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