Asthmatic Astronaut – WALLS COME DOWN – Audio

The Scottish electro-rap project Asthmatic Astronaut release the LP This Is Not Pop on the 23rd of September.

Asthmatic Astronaut

Asthmatic Astronaut

Featuring numerous vocalists – each track of the nineteen offers something slightly different and whilst I wish I were able to offer you a full release review – at this stage it isn’t possible.

The fourteenth – WALLS COME DOWN – is however my pick of the release and with some fortune it has been made available to stream.

The just under hour and ten minutes album is replete with gems, many.  lasting not even three minutes with music launching through earthy grinds to space-flight orbit, each with something new to add to the ‘catch of the day’ making This Is Not Pop (available on bandcamp) well worth grabbing hold of on release.

As those who know the site reasonably well it is of little surprise that my selection from the LP reminds of the true heart of The Gorbals with its flashing steel blades sliding against each other with a contemptuous Glasgow-kiss lyric passing scathing scorn on the world around, as though specifically reflecting on the suburbanisation of Hutchesontown to meet the demands of the plastic age of plastic people of 2016.

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