The Controversy – Thirty Horses Gently Weep – Video

The ethereal-indie band The Controversy first featured in 2013 and have regularly appeared, it is always a pleasure to come back to their music.

The Controversy - Don't Count On Me - artwork

The Controversy – Don’t Count On Me – artwork

This is the first live recording that I have found and for those who are English speakers rather than American speakers, you will understand the discombobulation on hearing Laura say the band name. I will try and explain that surprise whilst avoiding phonetics. In English the pronunciation of the first ‘o’ is short, the second ‘o’  is even more truncated and the ‘e’ is practically ignored, which makes for a completely different concept in my head, with the staccato of the band name.

In English, The Controversy sits in stark contrast to the stretched notes of the sound and the juxtaposition being something I particularly like. In American, that whole concept is lost, which doesn’t detract from the pleasure of the music, though I will stay with the English pronunciation.

From the LP Don’t Count On Me track four of the nine Thirty Horses Gently Weep.

Don’t Count On Me – The Controversy is available on iTunes.*

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