Milton Star – Things Fall Apart – Video

The Scottish brooding rock duo Milton Star were introduced in December of last year.

Milton Star - Things Fall Apart - artwork

Milton Star – Things Fall Apart – artwork

A new single is due for imminent release – Things Fall Apart, which finds the duo in more orchestral space.

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Urvah Khan – Things Fall Apart – Video

Urvah Khan – indie rock – based in Canada and working on spreading their audience base wider, including a September stint in the UK.

Urvah Khan - Indie Rock from Canada.

Urvah Khan

The story of the creator of Urvah Khan, the band, is synonymous with the person by the same name, exploring a diversity of influences and crossover points.

Urvah spent time in the Middle East before moving to Canada. The daughter of a Pakistani journalist mother she changed religions and changed direction, whilst holding on to the originations which is played out through the line-up of Urvah Khan, Ruben Huizenga, Ken Griffin and Nomad MKII. There is much to garner interest as the fragmentation of snapshots of discovery are coalesced.

From their recent ten track LP – The Wrath of Urvah Khan – here is Things Fall Apart.


The Wrath of Urvah Khan – URVah Khan is available on iTunes*.

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