thexperience – let you grow – Single Review

The English electric-soul duo thexperience were introduced a couple of months ago.

thexperience - let you grow


thexperience most recent track, which surfaced earlier this month, has only been delayed in publication due to my own ability to argue with myself, as regular readers will know, over whether my fingernails need trimming or not – as I may or may not be hearing a double click as I type. So my apologies to kommy, ewan and most importantly yourself for this delayed article which once again resulted in heated exchange between myself and an extremely calm thexperience.

let it grow discovers thexperience (no they are not fans of capital letters) offering an even more apparitional number as the music soars around the room in tumbling clouds, which are broken apart by a sublime bass loop that rattles the walls to rapidly reform into cumulonimbus formations.

thexperience are a duo to follow through 2016 as underpinning the easy access lays inspired creativity. I merely hope that they will allow me to start all my sentences and paragraphs with capital letters at some point in life.

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thexperience – want your body – Audio

thexperience is a recently formed electro-soul duo from England.



Combining washes of synths with guitar which form the velvet backdrop for a rawly expressive vocal allows thexperience to produce music that slides into the marrow and you can feel the material feeding around the cardiovascular system.

The music has a natural flow of unforced creativity that keeps the ears to attention as the ideas merge smoothly into each other and are delivered with both confidence and technique.

Their début track, want your body, released today has something of a gospel blues feel to it, which probably surprises you as much it does me that I recommend you spend some time with thexperience.

Having had the opportunity to hear three of thexperience tracks, each different yet of common theme these are undoubtedly a couple of capable couple of musicians, as their ability to capture the attention of a philistine such as myself to a genre rarely featured, attests.

I wish thexperience all the best with future endeavours, a duo I anticipate you will be hearing far more widely in the coming year.


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