Band of the Month – October 2013 – Readers Choice

During October the readers have gravitated predominately to five bands and the  band of the month for October is from India.

The Vinyl Records - band of the month October 2013 - Readers Choice

The Vinyl Records – artwork by Karan Singh

The Vinyl Records topped the chart this month.

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The Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records is Cheyyrian Bark (Lead Vocalist / Keytar), Banu Jini (Guitar / Vocals), Minam Tekseng (Bass / Vocals) and Mithy Tatak (Drums / Percussion /Vocals) an alt-rock band from New Delhi in India.

The Vinyl Records - alt indie from India

The Vinyl Records

Taking to the stage to confront some of the issues facing many  women across India, they also express those very real fears in their music. The Vinyl Records breathe like fresh air across the sub-continent as they challenge both ‘traditional values’ and current reality, whilst not hiding their own concerns and trepidation. For those reasons the quartet quite naturally sit on my radar, add to that a zingy driving rock they are unmissable.

The keytar gives The Vinyl Records an opportunity to play with some different textures in some of the tracks that hover around the three minute mark. In that short-space of time they are able to conclude the purpose of the piece and leave the listener raring for the next track.

At this stage of their development the message is far more relevant that the inherent musical skills as they are able to rise above any critique of import with their ballsy display and as you know, for me, integrity is of far more importance that the ability to write an Aria.

Beginning to spike some interest across other Asian countries, I look forward to hearing far more of The Vinyl Records.


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