The Vex – Sunlight Moonlight – Video

The English alt-rock quartet The Vex are working towards the release of the LP Manor House for later this year.

The Vex - Sunlight Moonlight

The Vex

Whilst the earliest roots of the musical careers of players in the band, which has been followed since 2009 can be heard far back in the mix of the first track to surface from the album – Sunlight Moonlight – there is a far less fiery impatience with the players allowing the music to slowly reveal its bouquet akin to flowers following the sunlight.

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The Vex – High & Happy – Video

The Vex is an alt-rock band from England.

The Vex - High & Happy

The Vex

There is much to enjoy following the journeys of bands as it is the individual musicians.

Back in 2009 an outfit called Krakatoa first featured, in 2012 The Vex were introduced with one half of Krakatoa in it and they last featured at 61 in the New year Ninety chart of 2015.

With an unchanged line-up still including Josh Schwegler and Jack O’Shea a very different sounding song surfaced recently.

High & Happy discovers The Vex in similar scornful perspective of the world around, but with greater process of instrumental and melodic content.

I look forward to being able to feature, in due course, better quality recording of the sounds of The Vex.

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 70 to 61

Every day as I fire up the computer to review music submissions – I am  reminded of the founding co-partner of – the Indie Bands Blog started back in 2009 – who will for ever be – 39. Love and thanks as always to Julie Norbury.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

The New Year Ninety Chart 2015 – seventy to sixty-one.

70. Buzz Kull (Australia)

Dreams – Single – Buzz Kull is available on iTunes.*

69. Affairs (England)

68. Morning Fuzz (USA)

Chasing Ghosts – Morning Fuzz is available on iTunes.*

67. Bayonet (England)

My View – EP – Bayonet is available on iTunes.*

66. The Yetis (USA)

65. The Rungs (USA)

64. Pipsqueak (USA)

63. Nice Power (France)

62. Clay Dudash (USA)

Keep You Company – EP – Clay Dudash is available on iTunes.*

61. The Vex (England)

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New Year Ninety 2014 – 20 to 11

We are now into the sections of the New Year Ninety where interest heats up both with readers and bands. I would just like to add, to each of the thousands of bands reviewed over the past four years your input to the world of music has been invaluable and thank you for taking the time to create your sounds. The various sites only exist due to my partner and co-founder of Indie International Julie Norbury who always particularly enjoyed the New Year Ninety and as always the chart is dedicated to Julie.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

20. .gif (Singapore)

19. The Vex (England)

Martyr – The Vex is available on iTunes*.

18. Katana Splatter Combo (Greece)

17. Universal Thee (Scotland)

16. Tiger Love (England / USA)

Summer Rain – Single – Tiger Love is available on iTunes*.

15. Mutual Benefit (USA)

Love’s Crushing Diamond – Mutual Benefit is available on iTunes*.

14. Le Galaxie (Ireland)

Lucy Is Here – Le Galaxie is available on iTunes*.

13. Lieutenant Tango (Scotland)

12. Fonija (Macedonia)

11. The Audio Justice (New Zealand)

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