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The US scuzz-rock creator Gary Guitar released the LP The Unknown Gary Guitar on the 28th of September.

Gary Guitar

Gary Guitar

Evidently an adept guitar player Gary Guitar prefers to tone down the music to distortion as though recording everything through one microphone directly into a cassette recorder containing a slightly stretched tape and whilst you may well take a listen and think I have lost the plot – it is precisely because of creators such as Gary Guitar that this site exists as they spill out the frustrations of life in their most expedient medium.

If you deride the basic construct, out of key and timing delivery – this is probably not the site you want to be discovering the musicians who add the greatest weave of fabric to the world around, as things such as this do crop up from time to time.

My thanks to you Gary for doing what you do and just ‘taking a chance’. For at least one person – namely me, you have added value to my day and made it better for the very rawness of production and content resulting in an instinctive honesty in output, hiding behind – nothing, the pure essence of music.

The closer of the seven track album (available on bandcamp) – My Life – which given this is a guitar driven LP is with some inevitability the only one highlighting keys.

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