Bourbon Street Beat – The T.V Said It’s Rainin’ – Video

Introduced back in June, the English rock’n’roll trio, Bourbon Street Beat brought to light a new song recently.

Bourbon Street Beat - The T.V Said It's Rainin'

Bourbon Street Beat

The live studio recording of The T.V Said It’s Rainin’ is the first introduction to a song that hasn’t yet even made gig appearance, though rumour would suggest it may makes it performance début on the 21st at The Eagle Inn in Salford (England).

Far slower than previous material featured The T.V Said It’s Rainin’ explores more of the ’60s brit-rock influences of Bourbon Street Beat and the listener can’t help but long that more of this sound spinning around the airwaves as the track relies explicitly on timing rather than fancy footwork on pedals.

Though that isn’t to say the wow and reverb that appears from time to time is unwelcome as it gives The T.V Said It’s Rainin’ a somewhat psychedelic blues temperament.

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