Band of the Month – May 2018 – Readers’ Choice

With some fortune over here in the UK summer will perhaps finally make its entrance as May closes  – despite my enjoyment for the gloomier sounds musically I do quite like warm summer days – the Readers’ Choice for Band of the month, conversely, being from Tasmania is heading towards winter and an excellent idea that they have decided to release a new LP to warm up the chill of the months ahead…

The Silverbeets - Stay Tuned - CD

The Silverbeets – Stay Tuned – CD

The Silverbeets is a trippy-rock outfit and this is And I/You Thought from the album Stay Tuned which will be available from their bandcamp store from the 11th of June.

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The Silverbeets – And I/You Thought – Audio

The Tasmanian trippy-rock outfit The Silverbeets release the LP Stay Tuned on the 11th of June.

The Silverbeets - And I/You Thought

The Silverbeets

An eleven chapter album (available on bandcamp) which plays akin to an anthology of short stories in its approaching one hours run-time. Though each song can be heard in isolation, Stay Tuned is best heard in one sitting to fully enjoy, thereby allowing the compositions to lace one in to the other, resulting in the mind meandering to explore its own outer-reaches whilst immersed in the multi-textured weave that resonates of the summer of love.

The further the album progresses, the deeper the listener becomes entranced by psychedelic wash of the softly flowing LP with the pulses of the brain slowing to an almost imperceptible flicker from which there is no desire to restart the clock on its conclusion.

It has been a couple of years since the The Silverbeets last featured and although I was made aware of a release in the offing, some little while ago, I was becoming less convinced the delay would be warranted – now having had the opportunity to listen to everything I fully understand why their own perception of time expanded. If it is another couple of years before the next reveal I will fully understand the rationale.

There is no typical song on Stay Tuned, though The Silverbeets will be releasing the second track And I/You Thought on the 1st of June in advance of the full release.

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The Silverbeets

The Silverbeets is the alt-rock the quartet of Farnz Cordeaux (Guitar / Vocals), Jamie Scott (Guitar / Vocals), Jeff Reeve (Bass) and Billy O’Brien (Drums / Guitar) from Lutana in Tasmania.

The Silverbeets - alt-rock from Tasmania

The Silverbeets

A mixture of influences are stirred into the melting pot that is The Silverbeets and what emerges are carefully crafted melodic tracks that have a vaguely psychedelic feel. More akin to the feeling of having walked into a marijuana smoke filled room than tripping out on psychotropics and the light headed feeling allows the audience to enjoy the mellowness of the quartet.

A plethora of guitars are deployed on recording, I notice both a guest guitarist and even the drummer getting involved with the six stringer on their début LP – Purple Stems (which is available on bandcamp), slimming back to two in live performance. The guitars are not used to create volume rather the intoxicating melodies which The Silverbeets deliver unhurriedly. An active percussion gives the compositions a solidity, whilst the jabbing bass provides the depth as the mixture of voices subtly swipe at social mores as they swirl around the ears.

Everything about The Silverbeets is understated, which gives the material its space in the crowd and the ability of the players to forge from this tracks that capture full attention, marks them out as a band to add to the ‘music for moments of contemplation’ playlist and I wish them every success in the world of music.


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