New Year Ninety 2014 – 50 to 41

Just getting to the half-way point in the New Year Ninety 2014, a chart which features bands from across much of the globe, compiled by readers from every continent including the occasional visitor from Antarctica.

New Year Ninety 2014 -  50 to 41

New Year Ninety 2014 – 50 to 41

50. Yes Sunshine (England)

49. Sun Angle (USA)

Diamond Junk – Sun Angle is available on iTunes*.

48. The Noise Figures (Greece)

47. Mashrou’ Leila (Lebanon)

Raasük – Mashrou’ Leila is available on iTunes*.

46. From The Sticks (England)

Free Man Off the Land – From the Sticks is available on iTunes*.

45. Beijing (USA)

44. Moxine (Brazil)

Hot December – Moxine is available on iTunes*.

43. Silent Noise Parade (Ireland)

42. The Sea The Sea (England)

Sub Rosa – The Sea The Sea is available on iTunes*.

41. Love & Thanks (USA)

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The Sea The Sea – Sub Rosa – EP Review

The Sea The Sea who were introduced back in April have just released their new EP the four track Sub Rosa.

The Sea The Sea - Sub Rosa - EP Review

The Sea The Sea – Sub Rosa artwork

Opening with The Shadows and immediately the improvement in quality of the workmanship since the last review is recognizable. There is a shift slightly to more radio friendly sounds, but the essential essence of the band remains intact with their ability to gauze the music within hazes.

System Sleep is a slower and more intense track and a fine demonstration of what The Sea The Sea do best. Layering their music across an extraordinary range of octaves from deeper elements of the bass to a soaring vocal that reaches for the falsetto to deliver a track that is very much the signature sound of the band.

What Came Before has a delightful opening with a rapidity of notes encased in a reflective and an even keeled over-all pace and the contrast of the two gives this track a sense of mischievousness and my pick of the release.

Concluding a well considered EP Sub Rosa finishes with Anemone which slows the pace to a subterranean space of calmness in which The Sea The Sea demonstrate the ability to compose symphonics that gather the listener in an ever more evocative track the longer it lasts.

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