New Year Ninety 2016 – 40 to 31

With readers and bands from throughout the globe the New Year Ninety 2016 reflects both the diversity of music and range of geographic locations.

Beautiful Noize - New Year Ninety 2016

Beautiful Noize

40. Noah Hoffeld (USA)

Play Human – Noah Hoffeld is available on iTunes.*

39. The Ruminaters (Australia)

38, Psychic TV (PTV3) (USA / England)

Trip Reset – Psychic TV is available on iTunes.*

37. Safe Secrets (USA)

36. Beautiful Noize (Germany)

Rainbow Angels – Beautiful Noize is available on iTunes.*

35. Kim Killspeed (Australia)

Ultrasound – EP – Kim Killspeed is available on iTunes.*

34. White Baer (Scotland)

33. Manic Pixi (USA)

Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes.*

32. The Dirty Lies (Scotland / England)

31. Extra Spooky (USA)

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The Ruminaters – Mr Bubbles 1 – Audio

The Australian psychedelic-garage quartet The Ruminaters were introduced earlier this year.

The Ruminaters - Mr Bubbles 1

The Ruminaters

In the past few hours five new tracks have appeared from their forthcoming LP set for imminent release.

Whilst any of the tracks to surface, would have been a fair reflection of the sound of The Ruminaters, I particularly enjoyed Mr Bubbles 1, which for its very casualness captures the garage elements of the quartet, whilst the abstract subject matter combined with wandering guitars encapsulates the psychedelic tinges which feature in the output.

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