The Retrospectives – Rolling Stone – Single Review

The English indie-rock duo The Retrospectives release the single Rolling Stone on the 20th.

The Restrospectives - Rolling Stone - artwork

The Restrospectives – Rolling Stone – artwork

Combining their lighter indie territory with the influences of heavier ’70s rock The Retrospectives have created a single in Rolling Stone, which spruces up the latter whilst adding weight to the former, resulting in a track containing the best of both. Just under three and a half minutes of gritty vocal and emblazoned guitar that captures the attention of supporters of both.

Theirs, has been an interesting journey to have followed over the past couple of years. As The Retrospectives have slimmed from a trio to a duo, so their ability to make music with greater clarity has increased and Rolling Stone marks another step forward in their development.

I look forward to continuing to chart their progress over the next couple of years.

Rolling Stone – Single – The Retrospectives is available on iTunes.*

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The Retrospectives – Don’t Believe You – Video

The Retrospectives, from England – a favourite of the readers have a new single that appeared on the 17th.

The Retrospectives - Don't Believe You

The Retrospectives – Don’t Believe You

A video for Don’t Believe You.

Don’t Believe You – Single – The Retrospectives is available on iTunes.*

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The Retrospectives – Bittersweet – Video

The Retrospectives from England are about to set out on a thirteen gig tour across wide swathes of their home country.

The Retrospectives - Bittersweet

The Retrospectives – Bittersweet

Just in advance of the tour is a new video for their forthcoming single – Bittersweet.

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The Retrospectives

The Retrospectives a three piece pop rock band from Sheffield in England is Tom Galton (Vocals / Guitar), Will Stocks (Bass) and Paul Jackson (Drums).

The Retrospectives - pop rock from England

The Retrospectives

Keeping the musical structures very open, The Retrospectives work or fail on the strength of the lyrics and vocal delivery which is a brave place in which to play, given the easy off-hand criticisms which swirl around so freely now. In many ways I think they succeed as the trio is able to deliver a sound which has a modernist folk feel with inflections of rock to give the material a stronger base.

Given the nature of the music they compose the tracks translate to either an acoustic or electronic delivery and whilst the electronic versions do work well, the vocal becomes a mid-atlantic drawl that regular readers know is not a sound that rests easily with me and gives the effect of something more related to US indie-pop. When  played acoustically the vocal reverts to landfall and the instrumental becomes more engrossing and as a result the whole sound is much richer for it.

It will be interesting to see how The Retrospectives develop as a band as they have the innate ability to travel far, both electronically and acoustically.


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