Lambing Season – Holywood & Girls – Audio

The Northern Irish alt-rock sextet Lambing Season are working towards the release of the LP The Quickening of the Year due out towards the end of the first half of this year.

Lambing Season - Holywood & Girls

Lambing Season

Holywood & Girls, from the forthcoming album, having been revealed a few hours ago and the second from the LP, is of quite different moment than the first song to surface – The Memory & The Flood. The melancholic hue has been cast aside to create, in Holywood & Girls, a sense of forward looking tentative optimism.

An approaching six minutes track (available on bandcamp as a standalone single) plays as though narrating a sense of lingering doubt in ones own mind as the song ranges from quiet acoustic tenderness to strident trumpet confidence in a series of interconnecting chapters.

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