The Q – Chill Pill – Audio

Life rattles with surprises and for the conundrum for today – it was under a year ago that I first wrote about the English band – The Q with their timeless tunes, I am sure I must have been toddling around the room to these guys back in the late ’60s, but – apparently not.

The Q - Chill Pill

The Q

In support of children on Dialysis – a charity – The Pete Quaife Foundation was formed after his death in 2010. A charity and more importantly, in this instance a release – all seventy six tracks and thirty eight contributors, who have given their time freely is what matters. (As this is typed, I am unable to provide you with an order link for the LP).

On a far more positive note and getting back to where we were – The Q have a couple of songs on a six CD release entitled Legends: Shoulder To Shoulder. One appears on the second CD – the other on the last . So with some sense of what you did anticipate – from CD 6 – Chill Pill.

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The Q – Communication Breakdown – Video

The Q release their four track EP Chemical Overload on a 12″ vinyl on the 9th through Blazer Records.

The Q - Chemical Overload

The Q – Chemical Overload

Communication Breakdown inevitably piques my intrigue with the opening chords…

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The Q

The Q is Tim Vanstone (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Mike Veale (Guitar / Vocals), Dean Gifford (Bass / Vocals) and Shane Blackshaw (Drums) a Mod quartet from Gloucester in England.

The Q - mod from England

The Q

The Q are more than capable musicians who bring the modernist back into mod with their new look at an old genre. Smart, sharp and loud, the quartet have the added benefit of a top notch vocalist who rounds out the sound with a powerful and clear vocal presence.

There are far more reasons why I should dislike The Q than reasons why I would like them, particularly given three of my nemesis bands The Sex Pistols, The Jam and The Beatles are rolled into one on one of the first tracks I heard, not to mention the genre, but as I have learnt over the years, always worth taking time away coming back to it and trying some other tracks and I found a band I enjoy despite myself as they lend some gumption to powerfully delivered rock music.

Established back in 2006 to their credit they have remained intrinsically tied to the concept of being an independent band. In the earlier days of their existence they focussed more on the past and have used 2013 as a springboard to finding their own feet with a series of singles that have been launched in the four months from 1st June to 1st September that have culminated in the EP Chemical Overload and they are mid-way through a follow up EP set for early 2014.

With a new found freedom and individualism The Q should now be free to make some significant strides going forwards. My only request to the guys – please stop combining Anarchy in The UK with Going Underground and Help! to come up with Communication Breakdown (which may well have been named with a sense of irony in which case this is my favourite song of the year so far) but other than that – definitely worth getting to know, every EP has to have one song that it the weakest.


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