The Pocket Gods – The Perverts Of The Music Industry – Video

The English alt-rock band The Pocket Gods are finalising a further LP scornful of the gatekeepers of the music industry.

The Pocket Gods - The Perverts Of The Music Industry

The Pocket Gods

The forthcoming album, will be a further one hundred tracks each lasting approximately thirty seconds.

If previous articles on their concept of  100×30 LPs slipped by unseen – to explain briefly – the premise arises that as places such as Spotify will pay royalties after thirty seconds playing of a song, in material crowded in to never ending playlists, why write songs lasting more than thirty seconds?

Their first LP of this concept was included in the Guinness Book Of Records for the most songs on an album and they released a follow-up based on the works of Sheakespeare, Spotify didn’t take too kindly to the scathing criticism of their business model and stopped accepting these sorts of submissions.

Not ever dissuaded on issues with which they find grievance – The Pocket Gods raise the vacuity again with the song – The Perverts Of The Music Industry – from the forthcoming album.

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The Pocket Gods – The Perfect Blue – Video

The English alt-rock band The Pocket Gods will be releasing the LP The Jesus And Mary Chain in July.

The Pocket Gods - The Jesus And Mary Chain - artwork

The Pocket Gods – The Jesus And Mary Chain – artwork

The first track to surface from the album – The Perfect Blue – is full of texture and layering as The Pocket Gods deliver a song which is more rich in content than much of their music that has featured over the years.

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The Pocket Gods – Shakespeare Verses Spotify – Video

The English new-wave outfit The Pocket Gods last featured in 2013.

The Pocket Gods & Friends - Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100x30) - artwork

The Pocket Gods & Friends – Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30) – artwork

In their typically angular perspective of music and the music industry The Pocket Gods decided to raise awareness of streaming royalties.

Identifying that to receive the minuscule royalty for a song played on Spotify it needed only to run for 30 seconds, so last year put out a compilation LP entitled 100 x 30, which was as is suggested on the tin – one hundred songs lasting thirty seconds.

In a follow-up on the 15th of July The Pocket Gods & Friends release the compilation Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30), another one hundred track release with songs just reaching the threshold for royalty payment, to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of The Bard. The thirty-fourth, by The Pocket GodsShakespeare Verses Spotify.

Shakespeare Vs Streaming (100×30) is available on Amazon.*

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