The Plastics – All I Really Want – Video

The South African psychedelic-indie band The Plastics were introduced in late 2014.

The Plastics - In Threes - artwork

The Plastics – In Threes – artwork

A live version of the sixth track of the nine on the LP In ThreesAll I Really Want was recently captured in London (England).

Glittering guitars light up the room in a version of All I Really Want that is played slightly more slowly than on the album (which is available on bandcamp), as the vocal lays filtered through echoing voile whilst drums and bass register changes in tempo.

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The Plastics

The Plastics from Cape Town in South Africa is the Indie quartet of Pascal RighiniKarl RohloffSasha Righini and Emile Van Dango.

The Plastics - indie from South Africa

The Plastics

A melting-pot of metamorphic rock hewn with seams of gold to purify emerge, on hitting play, with The Plastics. Underneath the glistening tabula rasa which serves a radio audience, lay considered compositions when you take the time to excavate.

Conglomerations of screeching chord change, which you well know serve as an arbiter for me, are subsumed with smartly pressed programmed beats. It is the polarisation of the bland pop pre-programming with flashes of earthy grittiness that fascinates me about The Plastics and while much of the material can be by-passed with nary a nod, it is when you find the nuggets that makes taking the time to mine the out-put far more than a futile trawl.

With no doubt I would wish for more material that was of intrinsic value, but perhaps for the very vagaries of out-put that The Plastics becomes a band of some fascination.

As always, if I didn’t think they were worth exploring I wouldn’t ask you to spend the time with The Plastics. Once they have set a keel for musical intent then it will be time to take a retrospective, unsurprisingly I hope they loose the pre-ordained – here is a hit beat – with more of the – here is what we think, time will tell.


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