New Year Ninety 2016 – 70 to 61

Emerging Indie Bands continues on memory of my partner Julie Norbury who died in September 2011 aged 39 and is a continuation of Indie Bands Blog. The New Year Ninety, as always, is dedicated to Julie, the co-founding partner who had immense appreciation for musical creatives.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

70. El Jardin Del Hospital (Mexico)

69. Victoria Moralez (Sweden)

Love – Single – Victoria Moralez is available on iTunes.*

68. The Pink Flowers (Canada)

67. East End Lovers (England)

L.O.V.E? – Single – East End Lovers is available on iTunes.*

66. Dialects (Scotland)

65. KatjA Luhtala (Finland)

64. 奇妙礼太郎トラベルスイング楽団 (Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra) (Japan)

63. The Lovely Intangibles (USA)

62. Electric Guitars (Denmark)

Electric Guitars – Electric Guitars featuring Soren Andersen & Mika Vandborg is available on iTunes.*

61. The Geeks (The Philippines)

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The Pink Flowers

The Pink Flowers is the psychedelic-garage duo of Ryan and Nolan from Toronto in Canada.

The Pink Flowers - Psychedelic garage from Canada

The Pink Flowers

Hazy waves of guitar drifts around the room as The Pink Flowers take the audience on journey of fuzzy reverb. Percussion switches between moments of quiet imperceptibility to geeing up the tracks like a jockey pushing a horse towards the finishing post as a melted vocal floats ethereally in the distance.

Newly out of the blocks The Pink Flowers only have a few songs I have had the opportunity to hear, the most recent of which they have packaged as a three track single – Joy, which I immediately put into a loop as inside the laid-back out-put lay a spread of ideas which can be caught and investigated further on repeated play.

They have laid out the ground-work for their career in the music industry, with both recorded material appearing and it looks as though live performances are about to commence. Of most importance the music they are producing holds the attention and demands a replay.

I certainly look forward to hearing more in short order and wish them well.

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