The Pink Diamond Revue – At The Discotheque – Video

The English electro-rock outfit The Pink Diamond Revue will be releasing the EP We Don’t Play Rock’n’Roll on the 14th.

The Pink Diamond Revue

The Pink Diamond Revue

Once again I am little late in responding to an email as it was back in October 2014 Tim sent me a note to introduce The Pink Diamond Revue, however as often seems to be the case, despite my delay in always getting to things as they are sent, though I do get there in the end, I have arrived at an opportune moment with the EP coming out in a couple of weeks.

There is no need to make reference to influence as immediately on hitting play you will discover it for yourself. What makes for a distinct point of difference is that Tim Lane plays guitar and Rob Courtman Stock uses drums, adding sounds steeped in psychedelia to the electronic futurism – though there is a third and intrinsic member of the band – the mannequin Acid Dol.

My apologies to everyone that it has taken so long to introduce The Pink Diamond Revue.

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