The Parlez – Antimony – Video

Originally introduced in 2012, the Irish alt-rock duo The Parlez release music from time to time.

The Parlez - Antimony

The Parlez

The latest track to appear – Antimony finds The Parlez in yet another different mindset with a composition that is keys and synth lead prior to evolving into a fuzzy blur. Antimony is delivered at a leisurely pace whilst filled with disparate sounds, resulting in four and a bit minutes of a 2016 version of ’70s deep-psychedelia.

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The Parlez – The Light Within Our Hands – Video

The fractious Irish brothers who form the alt-indie duo The Parlez first featured in 2012 and we have kept pretty much up to date with every-time they can bear to be creative together…

The Parlez - The Light Within Our Hands - artwork

The Parlez – The Light Within Our Hands – artwork

…when they do, the month always improves.

On the 22nd a new single will surface – The Light Within Our Hands.

The Light Within Our Hands – Single – The Parlez is available on iTunes.*

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The Parlez – Pollen – Video

I seem to either feature bands regularly or every couple of years and so we sit with the Irish band The Parlez who I last wrote about back in September 2012.

The Parlez - Pollen - artwork

The Parlez – Pollen – artwork

The music has grown darker, which as you know, in my book makes it of ever greater presence and a new single Pollen is set for release on the 15th.

With fortune I am permitted to share this with you prior to the public release and a pleasure it is so to do. With fortune it won’t be another two years before we hear more by The Parlez, though it may well be another while before the siblings reconnect.

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