The Pale White – Downer – Audio

The English indie-rock trio The Pale White release their eponymous EP on the 29th of September.

The Pale White - Downer

The Pale White

Although both tracks will be on the four on the EP (which is available as vinyl through bigcartel) the newest track to surface Downer is of different flavour to their feature last year of Let You Down.

Downer has a bouncing rhythm that snakes through the body with a slightly hazed vocal giving the song a gazey countenance.

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The Pale White – Let You Down – Audio

The Pale White is an indie-noire trio from England.

The Pale White - Photo by Alex Blamire

The Pale White – Photo by Alex Blamire

Still gathering their focus the first track to surface by the trio is a ominous omnipresence of Let You Down which cloaks the listener in an oppressive opulence as percussion and bass combine to deliver opalescent opprobrium that sears the audience with branding forks.

The guitar and vocal don’t ease the chains as they equally unify to flay the room with sallow furrowed brow.

I sense The Pale White is a band I will be reporting on regularly once they have organised their thoughts as on first offering what is there to do other than rejoice?


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