Demian Castellanos – Ether – Video

The English experimental musician Demian Castellanos released the single Ether today.

Demian Castellanos

Demian Castellanos

Best not to be in a hurry before hitting play as the combinations of twelve string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, effects pedals and a 4 track tascam – drift through the room in hypnotic merges of transmutative sounds, lasting approximately half and hour.

Regular readers may well recall the name Demian Castellanos from the band The Oscillation where he still remains – with his solo work appearing sparsely.

A release which is also available on Vinyl through bandcamp.

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The Oscillation – Truth In Reverse – Video

The Oscillation is an English psychedelic-drone outfit who always delight the mind.

The Oscillation - Monographic - artwork

The Oscillation – Monographic – artwork

From their most recent LP – the seven track plus two bonuses – hour and five minutes – Monographic (available on bandcamp) the  fourth – Truth In Reverse swoops around the room in echoing loops of distortion which finds the synapses slowing to the pace.

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The Oscillation – Waste The Day – Video

The English psychedelic-drone outfit The Oscillation were introduced in 2014.

The Oscillation - Beyond The Mirror - artwork

The Oscillation – Beyond The Mirror – artwork

Initially introduced as a trio the line-up has expanded to now include Cathy Lucas (Keyboards / Synths) and Julian Hand (Visuals).

From the LP – Beyond The Mirror (available on bandcamp), the second of the eight tracks, Waste The Day, reminds me of all the reasons I enjoyed their music when I first heard it.

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The Oscillation

The Oscillation from London in England is the drone trio of DC (vocals / Guitar), Tom Relleen (Bass), Valentina Magaletti (Drums).

The Oscillation - Drone from England

The Oscillation

As would be suggested by the name The Oscillation play with frequencies to deliver surging waves of sound which meander around the head like a throbbing pulse beating in the ear. The trio produce music which takes on curvilinear arcs across the room rising and falling across the mind in an ever expanding space.

Whilst on the surface tumescent, this is far from pretentious as The Oscillation fill the spaces with compositions which fill the brain with conundrums with which to grapple, yet make it easily approachable and that is their enviable quality.

The trio inter-play their contributions akin to graphite sheering from a pencil, smoothly laying down marks across the page.

Regularly turning out new pieces of music along with live appearances The Oscillation is a band I should have reviewed many years ago as they add considerably to the value of the world of creative talent.

Turn up the speakers, dim the lights and settle back prior to hitting play and the next you know it is the day after tomorrow.


From Tomorrow – The Oscillation is available on iTunes*

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