The Night Café – The Way Of Mary – Audio

The Night Café, the English indie-dance quartet, release their début EP Get Away From The Feeling this week.

The Night Café - The Way Of Mary

The Night Café

On a bright and sunny morning as I type, The Way Of Mary suits the sunshine with the sparkle of guitar and fleetness of foot in the upbeat tempo that spins around the room in good humour.

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The Night Café – Mixed Signals – Audio

The English indie-dance quartet The Night Café were introduced earlier in the year.

The Night Café - Mixed Signals

The Night Café – Mixed Signals

Of equally fleet-foot as previous material –  within the past few hours their newest track –  Mixed Signals – was made available.

The Night Café do not seek to be anything other than what they are – a band for the listener to enjoy at a party and equally importantly they are able to deliver good time music that doesn’t sound anodyne.

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The Night Café – Together – Audio

The English indie-gaze quartet The Night Café are set to release a two track single on the 11th of April.

The Night Café

The Night Café

The first track to surface – Together – has a warmth which, in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, has the listener sensing the summer sunshine isn’t too far away. Whilst delivering the Together behind a haze, there is an infectious joyfulness which is brought to life by the through rolling percussion and guitars given space to run with shimmering refrains.

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