The Moon Kids – All The City Girls – Audio

The Scottish psychedelic trio The Moon Kids were last featured in November of last year.

The Moon Kids - All The City Girls

The Moon Kids

Within the past few hours, two new tracks have surfaced, perhaps prefacing a new fuller release?

With a shoegaze derivative to it tinged with 60’s Mersey-Beat  – All The City Girls has a heart-warming retro-feel to it. Recognisable within the just under three and a half minutes of the number, lays their distinctive take on psychedelia, albeit more subsumed within the other ideas stretching through the music.

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The Moon Kids – Kootch Punk – Video

It is coming up to two years ago that the Scottish psychedelic-rock band The Moon Kids were introduced.

The Moon Kids - Kootch Punk

The Moon Kids

I will need to get back soon with another update as The Moon Kids is now a trio with only two of the original line-up remaining.

In the interim, a reminder of The Moon Kids, with a live version of the track Kootch Punk from earlier this year.

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The Moon Kids

The Moon Kids is the psychedelic pop quartet of David Barr (Lead vocals / Guitar), Taylor Wright (Backing Vocals / Bass), Rory Buchanan (Drums / Percussion) and Magnus Collie (Guitar) from Fife in Scotland.

The Moon Kids - Psychedelic pop from Scotland

The Moon Kids

Giving psychedelic rock an upper leads directly to The Moon Kids who bring in a zesty fillip to a genre which can, in its most esoteric moments, become an unfathomable conundrum, not so with these guys from Scotland.

It would be possible to fill in paragraphs about how it sounds like this and that, but to do so would be to miss the point, what The Moon Kids have done is to bring in a wide range of influences to produce music which has a lightness of touch, whilst simultaneously composing material of originality.

The trippy infectious tunes sweep the listener in to a good space as they take the audience of a flight of fancy which retains an easy pivot point of acoustic and electric guitars around which the percussion / bass swirls in carefree abandonment and a lyric, which is slightly echoed, adds to the sense of a magical mystery tour.

Not to play if you are attempting to write a thesis on Greek Mythology, but for any other time of the day  when you just need a pick-me up – The Moon Kids – should be close to hand.

Just over a year behind them and an LP set for release, their second year is looking set fair for the quartet.


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