Ali Chisholm – Removal Vans For Gaddafi – Audio

Ali Chisholm is a Scottish ambient-wave creator.

Ali Chisholm

Ali Chisholm

Performing under the moniker MK-Ultra and regularly revealing new material – sometimes alone other times in collaboration – the latest track (as I type on the 15th though may well not be when this is published on the 19th) is working with Leon Milk, who those of longer stay will recognise from an introduction back in 2012 of The Milk Bar.

Removal Vans For Gaddafi is a scathing commentary of global affairs revolved around by a dreamy soundtrack.

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Milk And Kinski – Miss Sympathy – Audio

Milk And Kinski have recently demonstrated a new track – Miss Sympathy.

Milk And Kinski

Milk And Kinski

Somehow this month I find myself showcasing a few artists who are in search of new line-ups. Leon Milk – the Leon in Milk And Kinski will be better known to readers as part of The Milk Bar.

As always I raise my hat to musicians who despite it all going pear-shaped persevere, particularly, when they have sounds which strike a pose that makes sense.

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