The Magic Es – I Just Wanted To Tell You – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet The Magic Es will be releasing the LP It Goes On on the 28th.

The Magic Es - I Just Wanted To Tell You

The Magic Es

Bearing in mind that I Just Wanted To Tell You is currently only in demo form, The Magic Es have the knack of surfacing with new material each time they feature, this being their third appearance, that makes the listener wonder – well that must be the high-point of their creativity – only to find each new song is even better, so I can only posit that It Goes On is set to be a fine album on its release.

Given their progression, even though the album potentially sets a high-bar that the audience will contemplate, ‘well its all downhill from here’. I am happy to lay a wager they will be even better after the 28th.

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The Magic Es – Running Scared – Single Review

The English alt-rock band The Magic Es will be releasing the single Running Scared early in 2017.

The Magic Es - Running Scared

The Magic Es

In advance of the recorded track they have made available a live version of the song, which once again finds the listener checking that there isn’t an excavator drilling in to the building foundations. Turn up the volume and hit play to enjoy free-running rock as it should be displayed.

I am sure I am not the only one of us who is thinking – why bother with a studio recording as it is unlikely to top this gritty performance other than to fluff-up the earthy realism that makes this the song that it is for the way it currently stands? But I also realise there are folk who like their music to come with neatly ironed creases – we shall discover in  due whether this is the recording that will surface as the official release or if a Studio version will be the replacement.

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The Magic Es

Pete Thompson (Vocals / Guitar), Phil Woods (Guitar), Stuart Catchpole (Drums) and Jasper Stainthorpe (Bass) from Norwich in England combine to form the alt-rock band The Magic Es.

The Magic Es - alt-rock from England

The Magic Es – alt-rock from England

I found myself looking under the desk just in-case the rumbling noises were the result of drills from a new fracking project I didn’t know of, but no – it really was the mod-influenced rumbling bass which of course necessitated turning the volume even louder and sure enough the windows started pulsating in sympathy. Rather than references of MDMA and The Haçienda as reflected in the review of Ohboy! published earlier today, the band name The Magic Es points towards their use of atypical chords.

Though – there is more to The Magic Es than the four-stringer, but you know I tend to get fixated on that one instrument. The dual guitars enable the quartet to inject intense juxtapositional melodies as the guitars are there, not to add volume, rather texture. Being a quartet who like to do things in twos Stuart not only plays the engaging drum kit, he also supports Pete as the backing vocalist, againm allowing The Magic Es to add depth to their material.

Despite having been around since 2014 it is only this year that the Magic Es released their début four track EP We Are Magic. I hope it doesn’t take until 2018 for a follow-up as they are a band with much to add to the world of music with their material that ranges from compact rock’n’roll to pieces orchestrated by acoustic guitar.


We Are Magic – EP – The Magic Es is available on iTunes.*

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