The Lulu Raes – Never Leave – Audio

The Australian indie-light quartet The Lulu Raes release their début EP All Our Parents Are Divorced on the 5th of August.

The Lulu Raes - All Our Parents Are Divorced - artwork

The Lulu Raes – All Our Parents Are Divorced – artwork

From time to time ‘easy listening’ slips into the thread of the day and it is by perchance that Never Leave wandered across my ears at opportune moment, which the first track to surface from the forthcoming release.

For those who have been around the site for a while and equally for those who haven’t, to clarify – this is music to skip around to in moccasins to welcome joyful early sunlight – I type this wearing 14 hole DM boots as is normally to be found around my feet and I don’t posses a pair of soft soled footwear, but I am tempted to go internet shopping for some soft shoes after twirling around with the just over four minutes of the song with arms gaily held aloft.


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