New Year Ninety 2015 – 50 to 41

With more musicians from around the globe – in this section six countries are represented.

New Year Ninety 2015 - 50 to 41

New Year Ninety 

The New Year Ninety 50 to 41.

50. Kiwi Time (USA)

It’s Kiwi Time – EP – Kiwi Time is available on iTunes.*

49. Mechanimal (Greece)

48. The Orange Strips (Croatia)

47. Plastique (England)

#SocialScar – Plastique is available on iTunes.*

46. The Love Barons (England)

45. Victoria Moralez (Sweden)

Justify Your Lies – Single – Victoria Moralez is available on iTunes.*

44. KynchinLay (England)

43. Broad & Narrow (Canada)

We Saw This Coming – Broad & Narrow is available on iTunes.*

42. Blood Sport (England)

41. Wolf Hut (USA)

Forest Floors – Single – Wolf Hut is available on iTunes.*

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The Love Barons – Happy Together – Single Review

The Love Barons – a band from England release their début single Happy Together on the 31st March.

The Love Barons - Happy Together

The Love Barons – Happy Together

Most certainly a band I would like to get to hear more about and review when more songs are available. were formed less than a year ago.

Happy Together is an atmospheric track clocking in at just over three minutes, which has a touch of shoegaze  in what is a fine début release.

Opening with a thematic guitar percussion combination, the band move into full flow with music that has the feel of purple velvet. Gently caressing the listener in a warm embrace, the track melts through the room, creating a sense of fondness and interlocking eyes.

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