The J.O.B. – Lisa’s Song – Audio

The US rock quartet The J.O.B. will be releasing the LP Highway Of Shadows on the 9th of November.

The J.O.B. - Lisa's Song

The J.O.B.

A band who first featured back in 2012, have always revealed music with the wistful air of strongly affected haunting memories and a tangible sadness to them delivered through washes of hazy textured guitar- the latest reveal is of similar demeanour.

The first song to surface from the new album (also the opener of the ten tracks on Highway Of Shadows), a luxurious and gentle ballad – Lisa’s Song – finds The J.O.B. exploring the theme of those who spend long periods away from their roots, whilst pining for distant and neglected relationships sadly accepting of the potential for the loss, signals of another fine release on its way by a band who are able to wrest emotional context out of dry stone, but never music of wallowing self-pity, rather a calm acceptance that life is not a bowl of cherries.

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The J.O.B. – Got Some Makin’ Up To Do – Audio

The US rock band The J.O.B. released the LP Portraits earlier this year.

The J.O.B. - Portraits - CD

The J.O.B. – Portraits – CD

The fourth of the ten tracks is Got Some Makin’ Up To Do.

Portraits – The J.O.B. is available on iTunes.*

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The J.O.B. – Sound Of The Guns – Audio

The US rock band The J.O.B. are set to release their latest LP – Portraits on the 7th of August.

The J.O.B. - Sound Of The Guns

The J.O.B.

If there is ever evidence needed of how music connects it is the strange relationship that this site has with the band and vice-versa.

First introduced in 2012, the J.O.B. was originally called the Jim O’Ferrell Band formed by Jim, a former US Ranger, who has used his experiences on the battlefield and time spent fighting what he calls ‘The Global War On Terror’, with the album dedicated to all who have served on his side of the fence, to develop the framework of the music.

As you will know I am anarcho-capitalist, if you are a regular reader, with absolutely no regard for geo-political posturing and have even more disdain for the power-politics of ‘my bomb is bigger than your bomb’ finding both sides of this GWOT to be the terrorists with their egocentric need to control, with their ‘unfortunate collateral damage’.

However – despite all that, it is always a pleasure to feature the music of The J.O.B..

The fourth track of the ten on the album is Sound Of The Guns, a track that reflects of soldiers moving towards the battlefield and allows the audience to piggy-back the soundtrack towards an unknown fire-fight.

Portraits is available on Bandcamp.

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The J.O.B. – Red Eye – Video

The J.O.B. from the USA has featured on the site fairly frequently since 2012.

The J.O.B. - Red Eye - artwork

The J.O.B. – Red Eye – artwork

I hear rumours that they are set to return to the Studio in the next couple of weeks after a successful tour, it will be interesting to hear what emerges. A recent release – Red Eye, which is available on bandcamp has surfaced as a video.

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The J.O.B. – Loved By You II – Audio

The J.O.B. have featured on the various sites many times since their first introduction in July 2012, though not so much in the recent past.

The J.O.B. - Loved By You II

The J.O.B. – Loved By You II – Artwork

The period of quiet, has not been due to my fickle nature, rather their own circumstance. A change of bassist saw The J.O.B. go through something of a transitional period, they are now back in the studio recording an LP for later this year and recently released is their latest single Loved By You II which is available on bandcamp.

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