Dan Moxham – Transcendental Astronaut – Video

Dan Moxham is a metaphysical-experimental visual and aural artist from Northern Ireland.

Dan Moxham - Transcendental Astronaut

Dan Moxham

Those of longer stay will recognise Dan from both Colt 66 and The Husky Tusks.

In Transcendental Astronaut, a forlorn composition, with a vocalised scene setting introduction prior to the electronic elements taking over – and as the almost twelve and a half minutes of the track evolves so the narrative contemplation of an astronaut lost and dying in space drifts in and out of focus as they consider their own soon to be lifeless body endlessly spinning through galaxies as though a grotesque memorial to its own frailty.

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The Husky Tusks – Static Thothigon – Video

The Husky Tusks is an experimental-distortion project from Northern Ireland.

The Husky Tusks - Thothigon Season - artwork

The Husky Tusks – Thothigon Season – artwork

Dan Moxham, the person behind The Husky Tusks, is a Visual / Musician / Performance / Written – artist who uses the various mediums to capture his interpretation of moments in life, leaving others to take from them as they will.

Longer term readers will also recall Dan Moxham as part of the ongoing collaboration Colt 66.

From the EP Thothigon Season released last month (available on bandcamp) – Static Thothigon is the last of the four tracks.


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