The Holy Knives – Stray Dog – Audio

The US atmospheric-rock duo The Holy Knives will be releasing their début LP Year Of The Black Dog on the 2nd of November.

The Holy Knives - Photo by Jana Cantua

The Holy Knives – Photo by Jana Cantua

Released on the 5th as a standalone single Stray Dog, taken from the forthcoming album, encircles the listener, akin to the aural equivalence of freshly ground coffee beans, with a heady measure of warm woody, earthy layers of olfactory seduction that teases of temptations to come.

The evocative soundtrack layers multi-pivoted guitar, electronica with sliding percussion, expressive vocals and a shadowy polyphonic chorus to create a richness of layered texturing in to which the audience pleasurably reclines.

Stray Dog is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – March 2018 – Readers’ Choice

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The Readers’ Choice for Band of the month for March is…

The Holy Knives - Band Of The Month March 2018

The Holy Knives

…From the USA – the trippy-rock outfit  The Holy Knives, who at present have only one track I am able to share with you – from their forthcoming EP – To Be Me.

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The Holy Knives – To Be Me – Audio

The US trippy-rock outfit The Holy Knives are working towards the completion of their début EP.

The Holy Knives - photo credit @cheese7224

The Holy Knives – photo credit @cheese7224

The first track to surface from the EP – To Be Me – is a hazy wash of gently undulating music that drifts slowly through like a pall of sweet smelling smoke filling the room in a heady muzziness.

The quietly laid song intimates of an EP that is probably best to be heard with a pot of mushroom tea within easy reach while laying on carpet of pale tie-dyed cushions.

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