Orange Soul – The Haze – Audio

Orange Soul is an English alt-folk duo.

Orange Soul

Orange Soul

With a diversity of sound in the few tracks they have revealed, the latest, released yesterday, The Haze, to me, is their strongest as they deliver a composition with a diversity of sonic elements encasing tender harmonised vocal, giving the just over five minute song a feel of an organic depth of texturing that the listener desires to tarry within in quiet contemplation.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 20 to 11

The New Year Ninety 2016 enters the thick end of the chart with twenty to eleven.

The Urchins - New Year Ninety 2016

The Urchins

20 – Yesterdrive (India)

19 – Eternal Death (Sweden)

Cry – Single – Eternal Death is available on iTunes.*

18 – The Urchins (Scotland)

Start the Stampede – The Urchins is available on iTunes.*

17 – Ghost Pepper (USA)

16 – The Haze (England)

Fight to Pay – EP – The Haze is available on iTunes.*

15 – Palace (England)

14 – Former Angels (Australia)

13 – The New Southern Electrikk (England)

12 – Frank (England)

11 – Tirman Kid (Argentina)

A Mind Trick – Tirman Kid is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Haze

From Witney in England surface the quartet of Josh Rawle (Bass / Vocals), Alex Rawle (Guitar / Vocals), John Morrison (Guitar) and Jamie Langford (Drums) who form the rock band The Haze.

The Haze - rock from England

The Haze

A year or so out of the blocks The Haze mind me of a fellow pupil at boarding school, who spent all his time locked in his dorm listening to the likes of Black Sabbath and other strange sounds I didn’t get at the time. I like my music in simple three chord structures lasting all of two and a half to three minutes, as you know, but time and tide opens new appreciation of music styles, hence the reason for the Emerging Indie Bands (formerly Indie Bands Blog) websites, to also ask you to listen to bands that wouldn’t normally be near your selection box, who nonetheless add much to the world of music, deserving of your time and this quartet tick all of those boxes.

The Haze have all the necessary skills in the kit-bag to muscle a significant space into the crowded genre that is ‘rock’. Guitars are given centre stage to explore the perimeters of the room, without ever going off tangent and the well judged scouring of the edges, give the music a sense that you can smell the faded leather on the jackets. Percussion provides the firm spine to the sounds, whilst the bass delightfully bulks it like a body-builder who has had a few too many steroids and the gravely vocal gives the band the finishing touches that affords the material to potentially engage with audiences globally.

The Haze is a band that needs to create a pin badge as soon as possible and it will be gladly attached to lapels helping to raise their profile further, I look forward to following their development over the coming years. Already set to launch their second EP – Fight To Play – this is a quartet who not only have the song-writing and delivery skills to travel far in the industry, but as importantly a nose to the grind-stone too, allowing those who can’t get to see them live the opportunity to hear the music.

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