The Grey Merchant – Avenue De Rennes – Audio

The Irish alt-rock band The Grey Merchant release the LP Avenue De Rennes on the 15th.

The Grey Merchant - Avenue De Rennes - artwork

The Grey Merchant – Avenue De Rennes – artwork

Delivering a broad remit of ideas in the nine track, just over half an hour, album (available on bandcamp) The Grey Merchant are nonetheless able to keep the listener engaged with the variations of tempo, texturing and temperament as the music flows through dark dichotomy, fulminating fury, melancholic meanderings and more –  resultingly leaving the audience streaked in an absorbing mirage of their own interpretation.

Sadly I am not permitted to share my pick of the release with you at this juncture – on release do keep an ear out for the penultimate song, an achingly beautiful composition,  The Exchange.

The middle track is also the title of the album – Avenue De Rennes.

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The Grey Merchant – Convenience – Single Review

The Irish rock band The Grey Merchant release the single Convenience on the 31st.

The Grey Merchant

The Grey Merchant

For those who are fans of heavy-metal the chord structures and vocal technique in Convenience will immediately remind of one specific band, however, rather than sounding like a pale imitation of Motörhead, The Grey Merchant are able to carve out their own space as they relax the pace.

Convenience (available on bandcamp) is a margin of over a three minute track that is able to compress and expand the pressure waves giving the piece an undulating organic flow in which the listener immerses themselves in joyful thrashing of the neck and already looking forward to the next release.

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