The Great Artiste – The Day The Sky Caught Fire – Video

It was in December of last year that the French alt-rock band The Great Artiste last featured.

The Great Artiste - Photo Hadrien Wissler

The Great Artiste – Photo credit Hadrien Wissler

On that occasion it was to announce the release of Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 1., word arrives that Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 2. is due to be with us shortly. From the LP – The Day The Sky Caught Fire.

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 80 to 71

Without the bands who take the time to create the music none of this would be possible. As is always the case with the New Year Ninety Chart – some of the bands featured in the chart have now disbanded – thank you for your legacy.

Emerging Indie Bands

Emerging Indie Bands

From 80 to 71.

80. Indian Summer (England)

79. The Great Artiste (France)

78. .gif (Singapore)

The Wknd Sessions Ep. 83: .gif – Single – GIF is available on iTunes.*

77. Robb Hill And Brave By Numbers (Canada)

76. The Dirty Lies (England)

75. Pepa Knight (Australia)

Hypnotized Vol.1 – EP – Pepa Knight is available on iTunes.*

74. And The Kid (Croatia)

73. Sounds Of Sputnik (Russia)

72. Froskull (USA)

Froskull – Froskull is available on iTunes.*

71. Slint (USA)

Spiderland – Slint is available on iTunes.*

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The Great Artiste – I Am A Fucked Up Child – Video

The Great Artiste from France released the EP – Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 1 earlier this year.

The Great Artiste - Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 1 - artwork

The Great Artiste – Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 1 – artwork

The last of the four tracks is I Am A Fucked Up Child.

Big Sounds From The Big City Vol. 1 is available on bandcamp.

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The Great Artiste

The Great Artiste from Nancy in France is Benoît Driencourt (Guitar), Aurélie Caillard (Bass), Etienne Beaud (Guitar / Vocal) and Quentin Masanet (drums) who comprise the new-wave outfit.

The Great Artiste - garage rock from France

The Great Artiste

Nudge forwards to imbibe the profferings of The Great Artiste as they swirl sounds across the room. Subsumed vocals melts within fuzzed instruments as the quartet define their compositions with a sharp percussion that defines the parameters.

Squealing feedback sheers the nerves of the audience in the sardonic compositions as The Great Artiste blithely progress in an encapsulation of sonics that transfixes the listener.  There is an earthy realism in the delivery that takes me back to the roots of my own foundations in a London punk band way back in the ’70s, as the quartet seek to deliver a soundscape to their own lives with no quarter given outside their own dimensions.

Honest music always gets my vote and The Great Artiste don’t seek to pontificate, merely comment on the world as they see it. A conundrum of confusion, which they describe from within. They are not seeking to deliver answers, far more importantly evocate the reality of life in the 2010’s with a complexity of ideologies.

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