SJÖBLOM – The Fool – Audio

The dark-acoustics creator from Sweden – SJÖBLOM released the two track single Enemies today.

SJÖBLOM - Photo by Eli Eli

SJÖBLOM – Photo by Eli Eli

The B-side of the release (available on bandcamp) – The Fool – is one in which a plaintiff vocal elicits a teary-eyed response by the listener enhanced further by the stark guitar which accompanies the voice.

Those of longer stay with the site may well recall The Exploding Boy from back in 2013 with its menacing countenance – Johan Sjöblom – is the common thread.

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The Emergence – The Fool – Video

It was back in 2014 that the Colombian alt-rock band The Emergence last featured.

The Emergence – The Fool

The Emergence

The Emergence have lain low for the past couple of years and it would appear they are stirring back in to activity. A live version of The Fool may well presage a hive of near-term material.

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Lucy Mair – The Fool – Video

The English alternative-acoustic soloist Lucy Mair released the EP Naive last month.

Lucy Mair

Lucy Mair

Extensive use of acoustic instrumentation allows Lucy Mair to create music, across a diversity of styles, that has a natural connectivity with the audience as conundrums of life are investigated and the acoustic-hip-hop second of the five tracks – The Fool is no exception.

The Fool allows Lucy to let her hair down and enjoy the lightest track on Naive as the lyric curls around the gently touched guitar and the listener can’t help but leave wrapped in smiles. Despite its lack of complexity compared to much of the rest of the release, The Fool requires tighter control due to the lack of texturing and it is a credit that the song is delivered with a sense of fun rather than a feeling of timidity.

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Naive – EP – Lucy Mair is available on iTunes.*

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